Puerto Ayora

Maybe they can help you at the “Cruz Roja” (Red Cross), Av. Padre Julio Herrera y Tomás de Berlanga.
There is a hospital located on Av. Padre J. Herrera, but is not sophisticated and poorly supplied. The consultation cost is about 15US$ and they do notperform operations. But better situated travel agencies, hotels and cruise ships can recommend a doctor of their confidence, althought the best solution in case of illness is , if possible, to return to the mainland.

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

Maybe they can help you at the “Cruz Roja” (Red Cross), Ignacio Hernández y 12 de Febrero, Tel. 2520 125.
There is also a hospital, called “Oskar Jandl”, Av. Northia y Av. Quito (opposite Hotel Mar Azul), Tel. 2520 118. They can provide there basic medical help, but if you need an operation, you have to go to the pharmacy and buy everything they will need.
The pharmacy is well stocked and you find it in Av. Villamil and Hernández.